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Project Delivery

Getting it right first time, every time

newcastle-all-seasons-pavingProject Delivery is obviously at the heart of what we do here at Allied Scaffolding. We recognise that this is the most important aspect of the whole organisation. Early planning, training, accreditations, certification and everything else are all in place to enable us to get this element right first time, every time.

In an industry renowned for a transient workforce, Allied Scaffolding are proud to be in the enviable position of only using directly employed, and fully trained operatives. Through our policy of growing our own wood, we have built up the core of our workforce through our investment in training and development, through good times and bad, over the life of the company.

We recognise that the company’s success depends on the buy-in from our operatives and staff, and we feel that we have cultivated an environment of personal responsibility and pride in our work among the team.

We have recently implemented a comprehensive programme of training to comply with BS5975 Temporary Works Standards, and now can manage all aspects of temporary works through our supervisors and co-ordinators, all overseen by the designated individual. So that’s one less thing you have to worry about when considering your temporary works operations.

To this end, we ensure that we deliver, consistently, beyond expectations.

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